Meet Prisma

A one-of-a-kind company with the knowledge, expertise, and innovation to help you take your marketing to the next level.

Our motto is we go to work each day looking for ways to make your job easier.

What is the Prisma Charisma?

Take it from our team and our clients what makes Prisma unique.

"Listening Openly – We show people that we serve them & isn’t about us."

Rebecca Jimenez, 21 years

"For Prisma Charisma, it is what makes our team members unique, by inspiring others to partner and create solutions, all while having a little fun."

Jennifer Decker, 19 years

"Our people. Sharing knowledge among colleagues to always learn and grow within the company which better serves our clientele."

Amy Ferguson, 8 years

Prismy Winners

Recognizing the employees who have developed process innovations within their work.


2nd Quarter

  • Martin Hernandez
  • Sara Harris
  • Clare Owens
  • Dane Kay
  • Jennifer Lander
  • Kyle Peterson
  • Sierrah Ward

1st Quarter

  • Kimberly Alcamtara
  • Dana Hamner
  • Juan Garcia
  • Tom Gorlewski
  • Tom Werner
  • Angela Truelove
  • Chloe Burress
  • Dana Thelander
  • Danielle Traute
  • Karla LaMadrid
  • Michelle Kaelin
  • Natalie Ross


4th Quarter

  • Bobby Antondo
  • Muna Baclean
  • Natalie Ross
  • Philp Kolacinski
  • Ambri Bizek
  • Stephanie Fisher
  • Steve Ivester
  • Gabby Ghan
  • Donna Deguzeman
  • Tom Dickson

3rd Quarter

  • Michelle Coupal
  • Jon Vander Zand
  • Nathan Bolek
  • Trevor Wares
  • Patrick Gibbs
  • Bill Pletka
  • Scott Smith

2nd Quarter

  • Eduardo Mendoza
  • Elva Mercado
  • Joe Cudmore
  • Laura Gonzales
  • Nathan Deal
  • Robert Torres

1st Quarter

  • Ramon Martinez
  • Eric Dold
  • Gracie Hillman
  • Jason Gossen
  • Larry Whiting
  • Lucia Villagrana
  • Nicole Matt
  • Philip Kolacinski
  • Richard Masters
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Torrence Settle