September 11, 2001 – A Day to Remember

Today is a special day of remembrance for Americans and our allies throughout the world. It was thirteen years ago this morning that our country stood still as the terrible acts of terror reached our country’s borders. Together, we remember the men, women and children that lost their lives that…
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American flag against blue sky

A Memorial Day message

We are thankful to those who have sacrificed their lives and the lives of their loved ones in the name of freedom and liberty. May you have a safe and restful Memorial Day Weekend.
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USPS trucks

Prisma is your USPS resource

We’ve gotten a few questions recently about some of the finer details of postal regulations. Since we navigate the rules and regulations of the USPS every day at Prisma, we have the answers for you. With over 2 million items processed each month, we know mail.
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Hands typing on laptop

Google Analytics alters key terms

You may have recently logged into Google Analytics and noticed something different. Where it used to say things like “visits” and “unique visitors,” now there are “sessions” and “users.”
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Doing what we can when tragedy hits home

With great sadness, we acknowledge the tragic loss of John Hobbs, a 21-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department who was shot and killed this week while serving his community. Our thoughts are with the Hobbs family and the entire Phoenix Police Department, as well as with Detective Albert “A.J.” Casados,…
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Insights and trends for B2B marketing in 2014

In January, the Business Marketing Association of Arizona gathered marketers together to ask the question: What will business-to-business marketing look like in 2014? A panel of experts at the Prisma-sponsored event discussed the topic. Presented below are some of their insights. Business Development For a large enterprise corporation, if a…
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