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Creating the ConnectED Conference Crate with the Advisor Group





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Thinking outside the box

Advisor Group is one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the United States. The individual firms that comprise Advisor Group foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and independence that their more than 11,000 financial professionals exemplify. Advisor Group decided to host their national conference virtually for the first time in 2020. To promote a positive and unique experience and encourage virtual engagement, a “swag box” was strategized and produced. Advisor Group saw its visions realized with the help of Prisma’s proactive planning and creative solutions.

Finding the perfect promo items

When Advisor Group came to their Prisma sales executive with the idea of a “swag box,” our team immediately hit the ground running. Advisor Group already had ideas for general items they felt catered to the event’s theme and would fit nicely in the box. Prisma’s promotional department immediately went to work looking for pieces that exceeded the client’s wants and needs, all while keeping within the set budget. The team searched for items ranging from custom snack containers to notepads, gift cards, air pods and more that were available to make Advisor Group’s “ConnectED Crate” stand out and impress its recipients.

conference marketing gift

Designing a one-of-a-kind kit

After sourcing the perfect promotional pieces for the swag box, a completely custom box template was crafted. Our team of experts was ready to help create something that was not only functional but memorable and durable. With a modular design, each section of the box was created to hold all of the items securely and present them in the order they were to be “experienced”. Through dynamic packaging layouts, recipients were led visually through each piece. Custom QR codes and clever copy directing conference attendees on what to look at next, made for a unique unboxing. After prototypes were finalized, die-lines were supplied to Advisor Group for artwork creation.

marketing swag

Precisely packed

Prisma’s fulfillment team is no stranger to complex jobs. Kitting thousands of jobs a year, this team is precise to a T. Each ConnectED Crate was kitted with care and precisely marked for quick disbursement. All packages were meticulously placed and prepared to ensure the promotional pieces and box arrived intact after travel. Advisor Group’s registration goal was 1,500 early applicants, which was exceeded within only five hours of going live. The Crate helped propel early registration for the event, which garnered over 8,000 registrants and counting after the announcement of the gift. From beginning to end, the ConnectED Canvas box was sourced, crafted, fulfilled, and shipped from our in-house facility. Streamlining this process and keeping the job on property allowed for a more cost friendly experience, and guaranteed the great quality product that Advisor Group expected from working with Prisma.

“Prisma provided clear templates and guidelines, guiding us through the structural design process, and problem-solving the various questions and challenges that arose, all while keeping financial questions very transparent and our budget limitations in mind. I’ve received no fewer than a dozen inquiries from financial professionals who received the ConnectED Crate asking which vendor we used, because they want to produce something similar to send to their clients.”

“It is the best “promotional” item I have ever received for a conference. Kudos to you and your team! It’s really fantastic.”

“The primary objective of the ConnectED Crate was to help incentivize early registration, by offering the Crate to the first 1,500 registrants. Registration went live on September 10 and within 5 hours, we had surpassed 1,500 registrants. The Crate helped propel early registration for an event that, as of this writing (in the middle of the event), has 8,213 registrants, with more continuing to join.”