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Nobody does safety like Discount Tire. Their robust safety program is an integral part of the nationally-known company’s business model. With a focus on ensuring an in-depth understanding of safety measures across every store, it’s essential to the well-being of employees and customers that measures are clearly stated, easily showcased, and accessible for each location to order as needed. With over 1,000 locations across the United States, finding a partner who could handle the sheer amount of safety products that need to be printed, warehoused, and shipped became extremely important to their team. Prisma was ready to take on the challenge through a custom “safety site” that would check off all of their requirements.

Order with ease

The “safety site” that we built for Discount Tire houses all of their materials – from load capacity stickers to evacuation plans. If a new location is added or standards change, compliance is as easy as logging into their online storefront and ordering the necessary materials to meet safety certification requirements. In response to COVID-19, Prisma assisted Discount Tire with a company-wide rollout initiative by producing hand sanitizer and ‘care kit’ packages that were kitted, fulfilled and distributed to locations across the country. Now each of Discount Tires’ locations can promote safety practices effortlessly, ordering any item through one portal.

Safety and savings

Our proprietary web-to-print solution and inventory management system, dokshop, helped Discount Tire reduce costs and increase efficiency when ordering safety materials and products. Static items may be printed in bulk to lower the price per piece and costly inspection fees are avoided with just a few clicks. Plus, with our barcode-based, real-time tracking system, their inventory is updated as items are pulled off the shelf. With dokshop, Discount Tire has reduced operating costs and increased safety communication visibility, creating a safer environment for their employees and customers.

“Our experience working with Prisma has been nothing less than positive. The team at Prisma has taken the lead in supporting every project and delivering exceptional customer service from the beginning to the end.”
– Dalia Gonzalez, Safety Engineer