Healthcare brands trust Prisma to diagnose and treat marketing logistics complexities

Ditching the in-house mailroom

A U.S.-based healthcare provider had long maintained its own printing and mail facilities in-house. However, operational efficiencies dictated that these services should be outsourced. This healthcare company had vast needs for an experienced and secure partner that could handle millions of mail pieces each year. By partnering with Prisma, this company better managed its infrastructure, facilities and budget by consolidating with a partner that operationalized their print and mailing programs.

Does outsourcing print and mailroom services make a valuable difference?

The healthcare provider was managing all of its own mailing and logistics in-house, a job that has many requirements and regulations to maintain, in their case mainly due to HIPAA guidelines. They were running this on top of the other logistics work they provide, including the distribution of medical goods and sanitary products to all of their locations. They soon realized they needed to free up space, time, and money for their more essential work.

The cost of running an in-house mail center can be high due to equipment, manpower, employee benefits, rent and more, leaving them with the decision: Is this an essential function for us to be performing? The organization quickly concluded what they really needed was a single provider that could complete printing, shipping, and mailing at an offsite facility, while also managing order fulfillment and distribution for their company, without sacrificing brand regulations. They also hoped to cut postal costs and found outsourcing solved this need.

Prisma is the Right Fit

With expansive services and years of experience in print, fulfillment, distribution, and data analytics, and a knack for understanding brands’ needs and goals, Prisma is a recognized supplier for many industries. Prisma is a HIPAA and SOC2+ compliant mail and fulfillment facility. All of these services and traits combined made Prisma the top choice to partner with this healthcare provider. Prisma’s onsite facility quickly adapted, taking on the client’s print, fulfillment, and mailing. The partnership grew so successfully, Prisma dedicated an entire section of its property to the client’s secure mail sorting and distribution and brought on two of their full-time employees to help with the transitioning process.

Taking the ordering process online

Another service that this healthcare provider and many others need is the ability for their various locations to order customized marketing materials online with ease. This is where dokshop came in to provide a seamless and streamlined process. A branded site with custom logins and pre-approved brand standards was built into the software. Their team all over the U.S. is able to order branded materials with quick customization capabilities while protecting brand standards. These solutions have freed up both time and funds for the client’s marketing and logistics teams. Prisma’s proprietary software, warehousing capabilities, and innovative solutions allowed for no loss in turn times and provided a seamless transition.

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