Integrated Landscape Management

Integrated Landscape Management (ILM), is a locally owned and operated, full service landscape maintenance company serving Arizona and Nevada. Their jobs entail a lot of road time, and mileage from site to site can be a valuable opportunity to not only graphically showcase the work they do, but also build upon their branding. Whether used by management or landscapers, our creative team worked alongside our grand format department to design over 50 types of vehicle wraps for the ILM fleet.


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We created eye-catching designs that bring together ILM’s logo, color scheme, and imagery to clearly and easily convey the company’s name and services offered. The new design was customized for each vehicle in the fleet and printed on high-quality, specialty materials designed for vehicle wraps. The Prisma team used careful precision to install custom graphics on each vehicle in the fleet, including pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Now ILM can proudly promote the high-quality work they do, both on the job site and off. While on the road, ILM increases its brand awareness with every mile traveled.

certified excellence

Our Grand Format department is equipped with 3M Preferred Graphics Installers, which means not only do vehicle wraps have to meet our standards, but also standards set in place by 3M. This certification includes passing a rigorous hands-on and written test, ensuring each vehicle wrap is applied perfectly.

And if we don’t personally apply your wrap, we’ve still got you covered. In our vast network of vendors, we only use those with the same certification, so you’re always in good hands.

Vehicle Wrap

“Prisma created a unique look for our vehicles that stands out. People mention seeing our vehicles around town, it’s like having mobile billboards. The Prisma team was quick, knowledgeable, and helpful.”


Did you know?

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America…

  • Mobile advertising is the most efficient and effective form of outdoor advertising, with the highest reach and lowest CPM than any other form of outdoor advertising
  • 29% of viewers reported that a form of outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week of seeing the advertisement
  • 96% of Americans traveled in a vehicle as either a driver or passenger, in the last week
  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily