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We love working with local companies, and NB|AZ is a shining example of why. For the past 30 years NB|AZ has experienced rapid growth, recently reaching nearly 60 locations across the state of Arizona. In order to better serve and grow their customers, they look to Prisma to provide branded company-wide marketing collateral, printed products and promotional materials for every branch. We recognize the hurdles of managing the needs of multiple locations, and thanks to custom web-to-print solutions, we can overcome them without sacrificing brand integrity.


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Automation on every level
Dokshop was created on the basis of adaptability, so when NB|AZ requested different portals for different uses, we got to work. Separating out their marketing needs, promotional products, and employee necessities helps to ensure every branch gets exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. This not only cuts down on excess products, and allows them the opportunity to keep billing separate and automated.

Fulfillment that’s really fulfilling
Items that are commonly ordered can be printed in advance and inventoried in our clean and secure warehouse. Any items ordered as a “pick-and-pack” order can typically be shipped out to any NB|AZ location, same day, which is just one way Prisma saves both time and money.

Managing third-party products under one roof
Through dokshop, both corporate and branch employees of NB|AZ can order items like car shades, table tents, sunglasses, and even collapsible dog bowls. While these items aren’t produced by Prisma, we manage everything in our web-to-print portals. This means that whether the item is inventoried and readily available in our warehouse, or shipped out as needed directly from the vendor, our client gets exactly what they need without any hassle.

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“Dokshop simplifies the process of getting collateral to our employees. It’s great to have Prisma managing the site and getting our employees what they need.”

Kimberly Robb
Marketing Project Manager at NB|AZ

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The dokshop difference

When it comes to our web-to-print storefronts, we take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and wants, and build their site to match. For NB|AZ this means taking the complication out of ordering marketing materials for multiple locations, all while saving time and money.  By allowing branches to have control over specific items, it ensures that the exact amount of products needed are ordered, without the worry of wasteful excess. This is possible thanks to NB|AZ utilizing three dokshop portals, one for promotional items, one for marketing purposes, and one for employee/branch needs. Upon log in, authorized users are automatically brought to their corresponding site, where they can quickly and easily place orders and check inventory. Since the creation of their web-to-print sites in 2012, NB|AZ has placed nearly 20,000 orders.