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Savings on cost per piece

1.5 Million

Drops per month

In 2014, Opendoor set out to reinvent life’s most important transaction with a new, radically simple way to buy and sell your home. With a mission to empower everyone with the freedom to move easily, they have served more than 75,000 customers since their humble beginning. Operating in twenty-one cities, Opendoor is recognized as the most innovative company in real estate.

Opendoor’s direct mail system is as complex and diverse as their client base. Because of this, they needed a team of mailing experts who could positively impact their creative, timeline, data, and financial goals for their direct mail program. Prisma’s team used their technical skills to create a new and improved automated data mapping system that could handle Opendoor’s robust direct mail plan and continuously adapt to their growing business model.

“With a large portion of our marketing efforts being direct mail, we really needed to work with someone who could manage our continuously changing variable data at an efficient pace. Prisma has shown time and time again that they can perform this task for us and their team has been incredibly helpful whenever changes or issues arise.”

Opendoor Family

Cutting time and costs through upgraded software

Through upgraded data mapping software and programming, Prisma’s direct mail team manages Opendoor’s data efficiently at a more automated pace, cutting those original times in half. This new system took a 1.5M record job from a 3-4 day process, down to 24 hours, drastically impacting turnaround times. 8 different data tasks, some very specific to Opendoor’s market, were created to sort data virtually, streamlining the mapping process and efficiently optimizing costs. Presorting is now available for specific Opendoor locations allowing the system to know where to properly sort each piece based on past data recorded for the location.

Creative asset auditing done quickly

Another challenge Opendoor was experiencing was extensive amounts of varying creative artwork. With approximately 18 different creative versions of similar mail pieces and nearly 80,000 photos on hand, Opendoor needed a simplified way to store, organize, and disperse these photos continuously. All 80,000 photos were audited within the new programming, allowing them to be housed and easily accessible, leaving less room for confusion and error.

Deadlines met with precision and accuracy

With over a million mail pieces a month being designed, proofed, printed, and delivered, you want to know your mail is sent to the correct household on time. Prisma’s certification as a Seamless Mailer allows for a smooth process from start to finish. Our team of experts just upload the electronic statements for each batch and a prepaid statement is made, allowing us to drop ship right from our warehouse. By using our dropship capabilities each piece of mail is directed to the correct destination. With specialty programming created in house by Prisma’s mailing team, we can manage around 2 million pieces mailed to different cities and states, all unique with their respective variable data.

“Thanks to Prisma’s automated system and mailing team our direct mail process runs smoother than ever. Our mail strategy has become increasingly complex and Prisma was able to flex to suit our changing needs. Budgets and mail plans change often for us, so having a flexible partner like Prisma has been a great help to our rapidly growing and changing business. Partnering with a seamless mailer was an added bonus, saving us valuable time on drops every month.”