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PF Chang’s opened its first restaurant in 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona, blending authentic Asian flavors with a steakhouse vibe. Founded by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang, the restaurant now has more than 300 restaurants in 25 countries and territories.


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P.F. Chang’s streamlines its menu process with dokshop

An ideal menu management partner

Having the right menu management partner is vital for P.F. Chang’s. There are now more than 280 menu versions. Every time there is a change in food labeling laws, pricing, and menu items, the in-house creative team redesigns the menus. This process, which was completely manual before the Prisma partnership, is something the company feels is worth the extra effort. But it was time for a capable menu management partner. After a lengthy RFP process, and executing multiple menu tests, they knew Prisma was the solution. “We were pleased to find that the quality and technology Prisma offered exceeded our expectations,” says Heidi Bergeron, P.F. Chang’s Senior Brand Manager. Bergeron points to a combination of Prisma’s technology capabilities and the ability to help customize the system.

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Dokshop streamlines the process

One of the best experiences has been working with dokshop. “We were blown away by how seamless the dokshop user experiences was,” recounts Bergeron. The teams’ continuous optimization in the technology field gave us the confidence that no matter what we were needing, they could find (or develop) a solution.” Bergeron points out that Prisma’s menu management technology – and the assistance of their own Prisma Account Executive – has significantly streamlined and simplified P.F. Chang’s menu versioning. The past process, all handled manually, posed a huge risk for human error and was time consuming. Bergeron reports that, since launching with Prisma, errors with incorrect variables have been virtually eliminated. Bringing all the restaurants online with dokshop is changing everything. Not only will all of the menu versions, pricing, copy, and distribution information be immediately accessible in dokshop for menu rollouts, the system documents all changes for historical tracking.

“ We are excited to see what the future holds for our partnership with Prisma. I am confident that with Prisma’s capabilities and customized solutions, the menu process at P.F. Chang’s will only continue to get better, allowing us to deliver the best menus possible for our guests.”