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Ranking as one of the top Pediatric Medical Centers in the nation, Phoenix Children’s Hospital pursues excellence and an innovative culture in efforts to build a remarkable future for their patients. Through their foundation, they are able to raise necessary funds and gain valuable volunteers. Every contribution given has a direct impact on their young patients. Donations to their foundation make it possible for them to offer the best medical specialists, cutting-edge technology, and treat children despite the family’s ability to pay. To keep this dream alive, they needed a direct mail partner that not only understood their target market inside and out, but also saw the value and importance of eliciting an actual donation response to meet  campaign goals. Prisma’s team of experts was ready and quick to respond.


Using data to target look-a-like donors

After profiling Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation (PCHF) current donor list, our data experts were able to greatly expand their list, targeting look-a-like homes. Recognizing who their core donor was, and using look-a-like profiles to add to their current acquisition list, proved to be invaluable to impacting results and receiving larger mail-in donations. The data provided by our in-house experts was able to help Phoenix Children’s and their dedicated Account Management team at Prisma come up with a stronger campaign approach, mailing to various valley neighborhoods with possible donors fitting the data profile.

Leading the way in advanced data-centered technology

When looking for a direct mail partner to execute their seasonal appeal, PCHF needed to find a supplier that had the skills and equipment necessary to pull off a large-scale campaign with variable data on all pieces. Prisma’s newest investment, the Screen Americas Truepress Jet 520HD Inkjet Web Press with SC Ink Technology, was the perfect fit for the job. With  advanced technology this machine was able to use their client data to create a highly personalized and targeted mail campaign, helping them maximize response rates and drive results efficiently for an unbeatable cost.

Utilizing an Omnichannel Approach

In efforts to truly expand campaign reach, PCHF added Prisma’s Direct Mail 360 approach. Potential donors who received the direct mail piece were also served digital display ads and social media ads. Through DM360, PCHF was able to track leads in real-time and see minute by minute results on how many people were interacting with their campaign through mail and online.


“The acquisition campaign performance really surpassed our expectations in many ways. The DM360 dashboard provided by Prisma allowed us to track leads in real-time and results were easy to read and understand. We were incredibly pleased with the results and the entire Prisma team.”
– Mike Lair, Direct Response Manager at PCHF