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Election season can be stressful, but getting your candidate’s message in front of potential voters doesn’t have to be. With a re-election coming up, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone’s team knew they needed to get their message to voters via every possible channel for optimized success. Direct mail has proven to be a continued reliable form of outreach even with growing technology advancements, and this rang ever true during the 2020 election season. With concerns for public health surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important to deliver the campaign message to registered voters in a way that was safe and memorable.

A direct mail enhancement

Political Power Up is a valuable extension of any campaign, helping your message be seen by everyone, everywhere, even in the toughest times. Sheriff Penzone’s team saw this through cutting edge technology that broadcasted their candidate’s direct mail message across multiple marketing channels at the same time. Through Political Power Up, their team had access to top digital marketing features.

With the help of Political Power Up, Penzone’s team was able to match their mailing list to Facebook and Instagram user accounts with SocialMatch, and track their mail just like you track your packages with Mail Tracking. Our Call Tracking gave live updates and recordings of every call received from their direct mail campaign, while District Targeting geographically targeted people that were within their voting district on both Google and social media. Gmail and YouTube Ads ran in conjunction and continued to display the message to recipients, while LEADMatch tracked and recorded all website visitors that came as a result of their mail campaign. Penzone’s team never had to wait around for data reports with 24/7 access to their comprehensive online dashboard, chockfull of real-time information.

Why Political Power Up

Through Political Power Up, Penzone’s campaign team was able to streamline their marketing outreach efforts. This minimized unnecessary labor and allowed for consistent marketing, online and by mail. Instead of re-creating the demographic wheel for social, paid advertisements, direct mail, etc., their message was replicated across multiple mediums with ease and accuracy in a trackable system. Political power up doesn’t replace your current partnerships, rather it enhances them in a way that is visible and quantifiable.

Dashboards, digital ads, and distributed budgets

When you release a mail piece, you want results. Trackable results. The Penzone campaign team never had to wonder when their mail piece landed and if it directed online website traffic thanks to Political Power Up’s real-time dashboard. Located on a user-friendly and comprehensive website, the team was able to see how many social matches, leads, and ads were  displayed before and after the mail piece was sent out. Social match specifically can be done early, before mail hits the targeted user’s doorstep, by serving ads that create familiarity with the piece upon arrival.

Sheriff Paul Penzone won his 2020 re-election for Maricopa County Sheriff with record votes. Direct mail partnered with Political Power Up was a major marketing tool used by his team to reach voters even in the midst of the pandemic. Prisma’s Political Power Up helps your direct mail last longer than just the initial touchpoint.

“Political Power Up was a great addition to our direct mail campaign. The real-time dashboard was especially helpful in seeing the effectiveness of our mail piece and provided useful insights for our team.”