Sphinx Date Co.

& Direct Mail 360

Rooted in tradition and famous for serving Arizona-grown dates, Sphinx Date Co. is a favorite among visitors – both locally and nationally. Serving up home-grown treats and locally-sourced craft beer and wine, their gift baskets are a hit during the busy holiday season. From concept and design to list acquisition and delivery, our creative team and mailing specialists work to make their direct mail campaigns a success. By running their 2017 holiday campaign in conjunction with Direct Mail 360, Sphinx gained access to online follow-up ads, a unique call tracking number for the campaign, and Social Match, creating a measurable difference.




Calls to their call tracking number


Number of times digital ads were displayed

Mailing with strategy

Having a target audience isn’t helpful unless you have the means to reach them. In addition to creating unique messaging, our team of strategists worked with Sphinx Date Co. to create mailing lists that best fit their prospects. For their business-to-business audience, we used a look-alike, high-end, boutique snack company based out of Arizona. Similar in industry, size, and revenue, we used that data to further segment Sphinx’s mailing list. For their consumer segment, we followed similar guidelines, but based the list on household income, marital status, and targeted those who were interested in sourcing local, natural foods.

Tracking a measurable difference.

    • Call Tracking With Direct Mail 360, campaigns run with a call tracking number on the mailer, and redirects to the client’s business line. Any time that number is dialed, it is automatically logged in their online portal, along with recordings and the phone number that it was called from.
      Sphinx received 54 calls to their call tracking number for this campaign.
    • Online Follow-up Ads with Google & Facebook If a visitor of Sphinx’s website landed on their promotions page but failed to complete an action, such as a purchase, they could still be further targeted with the help of Direct Mail 360. This process, known as remarketing or retargeting, ensures potential customers are captured and reconnected for the duration of the month-long campaign. Visitors are cookied, and as they browse on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, they see adds for Sphinx until the campaign ends. These ads appear on any page they visit that falls under the Google Display Network (GDN). The GDN operates on 2 million web pages and serves 90% of all internet users, including visitors to major news websites, how-to websites, tech sites, youtube.com, and the weather channel.
      Digital Remarketing ads were shown 29,790 times.
    • Social Match Your mailing list has a new best friend. Social Match makes it possible to match prospects on your mailing list to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Before your mail piece even reaches their mailbox, and before they visit your site, they’ll be exposed to your message. On average, 40-60% of mailing lists can be matched to social media accounts – included B2B!
      For Sphinx’s campaign, we were able to identify 2,300 prospects on their mailing list to their social media accounts. Ads were then shown to those users a total of 4,232 times.
    • Mailing & Consistency For a campaign to be a success, it’s important that the message is clear and consistent across every channel. Our expert designers translated their mailer design into eye-catching digital ads that fit the strict guidelines for Google, and Facebook. Content writers also developed succinct messaging for sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook.