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The Joint Chiropractic

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The Joint Chiropractic, web to print

The Joint is the largest umbrella of chiropractic clinics in the world with more than 500 locations nationwide. When The Joint was looking to lock-down their brand integrity in 2015, they knew the process had to begin with examining their marketing supply chain. Frustrated with slow turnarounds, they sought a full-service provider who could fulfill the needs of the franchise, and work seamlessly with their franchisees. To fuel their brand’s continued growth, The Joint partnered with Prisma to revolutionize their marketing logistics. From the initial order to fulfillment, Prisma is adept at handling all aspects of production in-house with the quality and control brands trust.

Web-to-Print & Programming

When The Joint made the switch to Prisma in 2015, they were looking for a marketing supply chain management company who could offer a web-to-print portal capable of handling all of their locations’ needs, and one that was easy to use for franchisees. The level of adaptability and customization dokshop offers The Joint ensures franchisees can cater to their local audiences while upholding brand standards. The online marketplace provides digital assets, promotional materials, digital ads, print, and grand format products, available to all 500+ locations. The results are simple: increased speed-to-market and exceptional quality. Dokshop was built on the idea of adaptability, so our programmers constantly work to provide key features like dynamic kitting, suggested items from corporate, and even the management of mailing lists and direct mail – all online.

The Joint Chiropractic

Technology & Automation

To ensure the accuracy of the brand and individual clinic, the auto-population of variable data is assigned to every location. When owners or managers order marketing materials, whether print or digital, pertinent information like pricing, hours, and addresses are automatically inserted into the selected item. In addition, critical medical and legal disclaimers are linked to users too. The system updates this information daily so customers are always up-to-date. Thanks to store profiling through dokshop, The Joint can offer a seamless experience for their patients nationwide. Since each user is tied to their respective location data, window dimensions and wall sizes are saved to signage. As a result, franchisees will only ever be a few clicks away from marketing materials catered to their specific site.

Custom Solutions & Design

Whether the owner of a clinic wants to create a branded banner showing support for a local sports team or an advertisement for social media, it can all be done on dokshop via a custom request. There, franchisees can specify messaging and imagery to cater to their local audience. The raw materials then end up in the hands of our designers, where proofs are created and sent to corporate for approval.

The Joint Chiropractic

Kitting & Fulfillment

Consistency is key, but it can be difficult to execute when dealing with multiple nationwide locations and owners. For franchisees, the hassle of managing multiple vendors is a thing of the past. Outsourced items, like promotional pieces, are available via dokshop and can be inventoried for on-demand orders. For The Joint, that means gel packs, uniforms, and other miscellaneous branded items are always readily available to their franchisees to purchase. Dokshop is constantly evolving to fit clients’ needs, so when The Joint wanted to better prepare clinics for grand openings, Prisma got to work. Prisma programmed dynamic kits called “pre-opening kits” that are available to new franchisees via their portal. Included are the essentials, such as uniforms, signage, banners, and any other materials needed to make the right impact. The Joint’s partnership with Prisma has not only strengthened their brand but also offered their franchisees much-needed relief.