The Joint

At over 500 locations nationwide, The Joint is the largest umbrella of chiropractic clinics in the world. With their continued growth, they needed a print partner capable of serving and understanding the hurdles of franchisors and franchisees, all with the technology to help move them forward. Since 2015, Prisma has proven to fit the bill – providing offset and grand format print materials, mailing services, fulfillment, and customized web-to-print solutions, all under one roof.


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So much more than print

    • Web-to-Print & Programming. When The Joint made the switch to Prisma in 2015, they were looking for a print company who could offer a web-to-print portal capable of handling all of their locations’ needs, and one that was easy to use for franchisees. Since we created dokshop on the idea of adaptability, our programmers constantly work to provide key features like dynamic kitting, suggested items from corporate, and even managing mailing lists and direct mail – all online.


    • Technology & Automation. On top of individual clinic information, some aspects of The Joint vary state-to-state, such as pricing and disclaimers. To ensure accuracy, when an authorized user chooses their location and zone, dokshop automatically populates products with the correct variable information. Specific clinic data, like phone numbers and hours, are also updated in our system every day at midnight.


    • Kitting & Fulfillment. Consistency is key, but it can be difficult to execute when dealing with multiple nationwide locations and owners. One way we’ve worked to solve this issue is by setting up a mandatory Clinic Pre-Opening kit on dokshop. While franchisees can add additional items to this kit at the time of order, the required products chosen by corporate ensure each clinic opens properly, with all the necessary materials to make the right impact.


    • Custom Solutions & Design. Whether the owner of a clinic wants to create a branded banner showing support for a local sports team or an advertisement for social media, it can all be done on dokshop via a custom request. There, franchisees can specify messaging and imagery to cater to their local audience. The raw materials then end up in the hands of our designers, where proofs are created and sent to corporate for approval.


A perfect match across the board

From styling, font, and color choices, we recognize the hard work that goes into creating a brand’s unique personality. We believe staying true to these guidelines is essential across every platform, which is why we took the time to match The Joint’s PMS tone across all of our machines, and on various substrates. This ensures that no matter what we produce – whether it’s brochures, banners, window clings, or even car wraps, the color is spot on every time.

“Our previous provider lacked the full-service capabilities Prisma offers, handling all aspects of production in-house. The streamlined nature of dokshop allows our team to customize and order items quickly and easily, and the customer service we receive is second to none.”

The Joint Chiropractic