Capturing the Culture of Charleston with The Current

“Getting THE BEST feedback on the book. We took 50 to a designer event on Wednesday and they were gone in seconds. Last night we had a book party to give everyone in the book their copy and officially launch it… and everyone was raving! E-mails coming in from people that have gotten it in the mail… all excellent vibes.”




Press Forms


Different Stocks

Bringing the Beauty of Charleston to Life

When a global pandemic abruptly forced a perspective change, those at Urban Electric Co. were inspired to explore and appreciate their immediate surroundings. They published The Current Vol 3, which is a book that explores what it means to be home. Urban Electric, a custom lighting manufacturer based in Charleston, South Carolina, utilizes the expansive publication to explore the different creative styles and cultures that exist within their exquisite city. The inside contains stunning images of the heirloom-quality products from Urban Electric, while simultaneously exploring the unique styles that the residents of Charleston have showcased. Prisma was honored to produce this book that contains 234 pages of aesthetic masterpieces.

Creating the Perfect Visual

The research and planning that was involved to create this book was extensive, to say the least. The Prisma team worked together tirelessly to achieve one of the most complex printing jobs executed in our 40-year history. Prisma produced 9,000 perfect bound books that consisted of 234 pages with a 6-page cover and 4 mini books that were bound inside. In total, there were 12 different stocks, 18 PMS colors and 4CP, 52 press forms with multiple crossovers, 12 foils, nine embossing dies, and one sculpted emboss that were used to create this unique work of art. Prisma invited representatives from Urban Electric to be onsite for 11 straight days of press checks, so that we could ensure the picture-perfect quality this project warranted.

A Big Hit

The creation of this book was complex; however, Prisma is always up for a challenge. Five different machines were used to complete the printing and binding process for The Current Vol 3, and our talented fulfillment department carefully placed each finished book into a plastic mailer for our mailing team to send out. The fulfillment team packaged 6,000 of the 9,000 books that were printed, while the rest of the books were brought to designer events and book parties. The book has been well-received by all who see it, and the creative minds at Urban Electric have a showpiece that represents their passion and pride.


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