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Commercial printing marketing: Essentials of call to action

When it comes to commercial printing, a call to action is an essential marketing concept. Call to action refers to a request made on behalf of the advertiser for the prospect, or potential customer, to do something in regards to a product or service. Basically, an advertiser issues an effective…
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Door hangers – The underdog of direct mail

What is your company’s customary and acceptable lead generation cost? Chances are it’s more than eight cents per lead. If you don’t know this cost, do some research and find out, it’s critical to the bottom line of any direct mail strategy. A unique and often overlooked component to a…
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Leveraging the internet’s power with the impact of print

Leveraging the Internet’s Power with the Impact of Print.  Some are convinced the Internet will one day rule the marketing world. Experienced marketers know that it is just a tool, albeit a powerful one, that works best when it is combined with other mediums, particularly print. According to a recent…
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