Blogging in the Age of Social Media

Since the turn of the century, a tidal wave of social media has flooded public relations and marketing campaigns in corporate headquarters worldwide.

Social media sites’ enormous, ever-expanding audience holds obvious allure for professionals who survey this vast and accessible pool of leads, and some companies are occasionally compelled to devote all their marketing efforts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But while it’s certainly important to establish a strong presence on all relevant social media platforms, it’s simply not pragmatic to discontinue all other online marketing and public relations efforts. Established means of growing publicity online should be bolstered, not replaced, by social media campaigns.

In the online arena of marketing and public relations, blogging is a surefire way to get noticed (both by customers and search engines, which will reward you for blogging by boosting your rankings).

Blogging and social media complement one another, working cohesively to attract potential customers and then draw them in. If social media is the lure, your blog is the reel. Don’t think of blogging as a hassle; rather, it’s a demonstration of your value and expertise.

Peruse the Prisma blog to get a feel for proper blogging tone and form. Then, when you’ve finished writing, link to the blog post from all your social media platforms.

Don’t dismiss blogging; embrace the challenge. And if you have questions or would like more information about the value of blogging and its role in concert with more traditional marketing methods, contact Prisma at 602-243-5777; ask for Julie Volz.