Getting Acquainted With Lists

Remember the days when prospecting for new customers meant simply renting a list and sending a postcard to those names? It was all nice and tidy. Well, those days are long gone. To compete in a multichannel world you need more than names and addresses.

Today, marketers need to become better acquainted with lists, building them, understanding them, and getting the most out of them. And that means determining what data is important to different business sectors, and then segmenting your file to make finding those pockets of names easier.

To meet this demand, some vendors have begun to identify pockets of specific customers and then overlaying specific information just for those segments. For example, an overlay of outside data helped one marketer determine what female homeowners on the customer house file were likely to have home-based businesses.

Sure, marketers could rent, merge and dedupe these different lists themselves, but list owners and managers are finding it pays to create these special multisource databases to make it easy for marketers to order—one rental process, one payment—to find the names they need.

More Data Means More Mailing Opportunities

In addition to the regular data overlays of age, income, presence of children and other demographic data, list owners are adding lifestyle, ethnic, generational, and other types of niche data.

For example, by applying a credit score overlay, one list vendor was able to provide a credit qualification dimension on its file and help mailers more effectively use these new customer names.

Drilling down to specific customer behaviors is the name of the game for direct marketers.

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