How Marketers Can Make a Grand Entrance

Grand format printing takes message communication to new heights... literally. Through a variety of substrates, sizes and display options, grand format adds value at critical points in a purchaser’s decision-making process. The larger-than-life prints are unlike any other signage because of their massive size, drawing attention and making a lasting impression.

Window graphics, backlits, building wraps, wall graphics, billboards, banners, vehicle and transit wraps… the formats are wide ranging. Often, grand-format applications are produced for one-time events, like the Olympics, Superbowl, concerts, and other events. But grand format is finding its way into many other marketing uses like window graphics at a retail location, transit wraps playing the role of a moving billboard, point of purchase displays to promote specific products.

The recent popularity of grand format printing is primarily the result of improvements in technology. Color-matching previously was a potential issue for marketers using grand format printing. The durability of inks and materials has improved as well, so outdoor inks and substrates are becoming more affordable than ever.

Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Some marketers contend that grand format outdoor applications are the most cost-effective advertising means. Because of its sheer size, it commands attention and receives a high impression count. When compared to how inexpensive it is to produce, grand-format applications may actually be a realistic option for clients on a budget, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Grand format printing blows the doors wide open in terms of creative options. Just a few years ago, advertisers and marketers were limited in large format executions. Now options we never thought were possible are now mainstream thanks to the advancement in grand format technology.

Variety of Substrates

Another feature of grand format printing is the variety of materials and substrates available. So, not only can you print large … you can also print on plexiglass, metal, glass, wood, and other materials.

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