More Channels Often Means Better Results

How many touches does it take to motivate customers into action? Some marketers say seven, some say five. While marketers don’t agree on the exact number, they do agree that it takes several touches AND varying channels to get movement.

In a recent survey conducted by Forrester, Inc., 86% of the marketing decision-makers surveyed believe successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is critical to long term success.

Multi-channel marketing uses a variety of avenues to communicate your message to customers. Direct mail, advertising, websites, email, and social media are some vehicles used to reach customers. Generally, the more channels used, the better the results.

One of the biggest benefits is that multi-channel marketing can be very efficient. The marketing messages are optimized for each channel and audience, but the message remains consistent, with a significant amount of creative overlap. Taglines, visual designs, messaging, the offer, all carry over easily from one medium to the next.

But the increased interaction with customers is the real secret sauce. The various channels give you more opportunities to hit a customer’s sweet spot to motivate him or her to buy. This increased interaction also builds the credibility of your brand. Customers are more likely to trust companies the more widespread they appear to be.

Example Please

What might a multi-touch, multi-channel direct marketing campaign look like? Here’s an example:

  1. Send a teaser mailing that directs your customer to a Personal URL to redeem an offer (can be postcard, self-mailer, even a poster).
  2. Send an email with a link to a Personal URL to redeem the offer to customers who don’t respond.
  3. Send a second direct mail with the offer to customers who don’t respond.
  4. Send a reminder email with link to a Personal URL to redeem the offer to customers who don’t respond.
  5. Communicate the offer and message via your company Facebook page.

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