The power of package design

Packaging has power – enormous power – over buying decisions. In a way that fashion expresses who we are, packaging does that for the products we buy. Our first impressions, whether about products or people, are strong and quick. In many cases, packaging is the main influencer.

The 3-second rule

Product packaging has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. Those three seconds are very important when you consider that more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf. With the right design, a new product can win the battle over a trusted brand even if it costs a little bit more.

A strong package design:

  • Constitutes the physical representation of a brand’s personality.
  • Draws attention to a product in a crowded retail space.
  • Positions a product in certain category and perceived value, reflecting a specific potential price.
  • Is an essential brand identity tool. Even a specific color might trigger an association to a particular brand.
  • Differentiates a product from its competitors by conveying a sense of worth or telling a story.
  • Can influence behavior patterns.
  • And more.

Whether consumers are aware of it or not, they are all swayed by the power of design. They will buy a sauce or a bottle of wine, or try a brand new product simply because it stands out to them and appeals to their personality and desires. On the other hand, bad package design can also have the power to sway a consumer to avoid a product altogether just because that package design does not appeal to their personal tastes.

Turn to the experts

It’s important for experts in package construction and design to work hand-in-hand to ensure the result is a cost-effective, efficient solution. When searching for a package design provider, look for a fully integrated marketing solutions company like Prisma, which offers:

  • Package design experts
  • CAD/CAM, structural design and prototyping capability
  • Up to 6-color offset printing, with choice of aqueous or UV coating
  • A variety of finishings including foil stamping, film laminating and embossing

Guidelines you can rely on

While it’s unrealistic to educate you on the elements of good package design and construction in one resource document, we can give you some guidelines for things to look for when working with graphic and structural design experts:

Tell a compelling brand story

Your package design should tell a story about your brand. Of course you’ll want the package design to appeal to your target audience, but it must also relay clearly who you are.

Focus on one element, for now

Something about your product is more important than everything else. It could be the company name, the tagline, the product’s name, how it’s used, what’s inside, its key differentiator, or an illustration or photo. This element needs to be bigger, bolder, and more interesting than anything else in the design.

Create a flow from “what is this” to “I need this”

Once you’ve caught your customer’s attention with your focus point, where do you want him or her to go next? Where you take them next depends on your brand strategy and the story you want to tell. Every element on a package has two jobs: 1) Tell its brand story and 2) Get you to the next step in the journey.

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