Variable printing gives marketing a personal touch

Turn your marketing campaign from a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter mailing into a high impact, personalized and relevant mailing that gets results.

Variable data printing treats each of your customers as unique by gleaning information from your customer database and merging it with unique graphics and text so that each mail piece is personalized to the recipient. The merging of data and printing is done real-time with custom software and high speed printers to help keep costs low. But the impact is huge. Graphics and text that are relevant to your customers reach out and grab their attention so your return on investment is maximized.

  • Personalization of marketing materials can increase response rates by 36%, response time 34% and repeat orders by 46% leading to an overall increase in profit and revenue of over 30% – Source: Cal Poly Study
  • Personalized direct mail pieces increase response rates by more than 500% over a basic, non-personalized piece – Source: Digital Printing Council
  • Personalization was the most important factor when contributors determine which charity or fundraising mail they open – Source: ClickZ

This process allows you to focus your marketing efforts on specific groups of customers with specific goals and needs. Rather than the sameness of a cookie-cutter general message to a broad audience, you focus your message to specific customers to maximize the impact.

By doing so, you are capturing the “long tail” of the distribution curve; those folks that have specific needs and are well-suited to using your products or services. Rather than promoting a great three-piece suit to a teenage girl, you can focus your message on a young executive in need of new business attire. And you can also deliver a mail piece from the same run that shows the latest prom dresses and send it to a household that has a teenage girl.

This highly effective personalized approach can be achieved with variable data printing. To find out more about how to increase your ROI with the focused technique of variable data printing, call our experts at 602-243-5777; ask for Alan McAbee.