Web 101: Forming a lasting web presence

Website design continues to evolve incorporating the latest learnings and technology. And with any effective design, it’s important to understand the brand story, objectives, focus and more when creating a website. But that said, here are some basic design options that can get you started.

Building blocks

Using a brick-like design grid, the building blocks design approach features blocks of solid color coupled with blocks carrying photos or text.

This type of web design sticks with users because of its simplicity – it offers a quick, organized overview of the site content, with minimum distractions. Contrasting blocks of solid colors and blocks with images and text creates a strong visual interest, which usually stimulates users to explore more.

Tips for using this design:

  • Try different solid colors and move the blocks around for different results.
  • Avoid the generic look by adding your own personal touch to design. For example, use a special combination of fonts or put illustrations in some of the blocks.
  • Use it primarily for homepages. Your inside pages will need a design that holds larger pieces of content. Include some of the blocks for consistency and visual interest.

Hand crafted

For a warm, simple and unpretentious design, combine subtle textures and colors, hand written or hand drawn elements and easy-going typography.

Tips for using this design:

  • Best suited for service industries which need to look simple, inexpensive and easygoing. Starbucks does a great job of using this style.
  • Subtle, grainy textures are essential but good, readable typography is also important.
  • Don’t over do it – remember, it’s the content that matters.

Big, oversized type

Large, bold headlines in web design help ignite users’ interest and make them engage with the site.

Tips for using this design:

  • Use it for headlines only and regular type for everything else.
  • Best suited for content that needs a strong personality.
  • Be sure to use for impactful statements, offers, and compelling information.

Photo backgrounds

A photo background is another attention-grabbing tool to use. An impactful, compelling image can look great and feel good to website viewers.

Tips for using this design:

  • Great for branding and presentation purpose when your main objective is to make a strong visual statement.
  • Use only top quality, high resolution photos.
  • Lay out the content so it interacts with the photo to make the design even more interesting.

Keeping pace with technology

With the continued growth of mobile and tablet browsing, responsive web design has become hugely important. A page that adapts to fit the size and format of any device is paramount. Responsive site design ensures viewers can see your content the way you intend whether they are viewing on their mobile device or desktop computer.

Web design will continue to change and evolve as technology changes. These design approaches are less likely to become outdated, and you can combine them in a myriad of ways to make great looking websites.

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