Web to print 101: Learn the basics

A web-to-print technology allows consumers to go to a website and place orders for printed materials. Most often, web-to-print sites are used by marketers to upload, customize, and print marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and even direct mail.

Web-to-print users can create and upload their own files to send to print, or use templates provided to customize with their information, graphics, images, and more. Within the process, the client can approve the materials without the need for a face-to-face meeting with the printer. Additionally, templates allow customers to control brand and content, as portions of a constantly used template can remain consistent throughout a series of print projects. This system is often cost-effective and time-efficient.

An effective marketing tool

A web-to-print storefront makes it easier for marketers and sales reps to select, personalize and send collateral to a prospect in a very timely fashion. With these strategies and tactics, businesses should be able to increase awareness and demand, which should provide them with more leads. Then, they should be able to convert more of those leads into sales by delivering relevant information in the right channel at the right time.

A web-to-print solution can help serve as one component of a multi-channel marketing campaign. For example, one insurance company created a personalized URL for each prospect. When recipients visited their PURL, they had the option to select which type of insurance was of interest to them.

Once they hit “submit,” the system automatically generated a customized brochure for them. It contained information—text, pictures and offers—based on the type of insurance selected. A print-ready file was created, sent to print and then mailed to the prospect shortly afterwards. Not only did this give the insurance company a better database, but it also was able to automate its follow-up processes.

A brand-friendly option

From a corporate perspective, anyone running a decentralized organization benefits greatly from coordinated marketing. The digital asset management is where you have control of all of your images in one central area.

You can limit options, font types, sizes and colors so that someone working on the composition of a direct mail piece, for instance, must follow brand. Approvals are a click away. This saves an enormous amount of time and energy and increases speed to market dramatically.

Clearly, web-to-print offers endless possibilities. One thing is certain— web-to-print technologies can make it easier for customers to conduct business.

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