All Things Print

Heatset Web

Heatset web printing is ideal for direct mail, magazines, booklets, card carriers, brochures and even door hangers. With some in-line finishing, such as paste binding, perforation, folding or simple die-cutting, your products can be completed quickly and efficiently.

H-UV & Conventional Sheetfed

Our sheetfed printers offer the highest quality printing available, providing consistent ink densities from the first piece to the last. Our new eight-color, H-UV printing press, the first in the Southwest, expands your possibilities with its incredible speed and ability to dry ink instantly. You’ll enjoy faster print runs, the ability to add special coatings (like spot UV and varnishes) during the printing process, and unmatched quality over the life of each printed piece. To put things in perspective, this engineering marvel can print 120,000, 8.5” x 11”, four-color flyers in a single hour.

Digital Printing

When you have a print job with different versions requiring variable images, logos, headlines, body copy, etc. digital printing is the way to go. And because Prisma keeps up with the latest technology, your options are constantly expanding. Our new digital presses can handle larger sheet sizes up to 14.33 inches by 26 inches, as well as hundreds of different paper stocks. You can also add spot clear and gloss coatings to help your text and images pop off the page, protective clear coating for added durability, dimensional clear coating for an embossed look, and security inks that are invisible to the eye but can be read under ultraviolet light.

Retail Packaging, POP & Folding Cartons

Packaging is an ever-changing and challenging component of retail, but you can rely on Prisma. We provide dynamic design and graphics that grab a customer’s attention, and we can also help you engineer a box or point-of-purchase display that showcases your product while protecting it at the same time. If shipping is a challenge, we’ve got you covered with custom-designed cartons to fit your specific needs. Learn more.


A print job isn’t over until it’s over, and we offer a complete spectrum of binding and finishing services. Whether you need perfect binding, folding, stamping, die-cutting, stitching, gluing (fugitive or remoistenable glue) or embossing, we’ve got you covered.

Finishing touches like die-cutting and foil stamping can help you create standout pieces that break through the clutter. You can mail a pancake-shaped postcard if you want, or illuminate a brochure with gold or silver foil. We’ve got the creativity, the tools and the processes you need to beat your competition.

You’ll love our holistic approach.

Prisma’s dedication to automating your marketing supply chain has created a lot of happy clients. Whether you’re mid-sized or multi-national, you can apply any of our state-of-the-art solutions to drive your message to market.