Technology, Automation & CRM Integration

Web-to-Print Sites

Ordering, producing and distributing marketing materials for multiple locations has never been easier. Web-to-print sites enable you to create an online catalog of all the printed and digital assets available to your branch managers, franchisees and other users, so everyone can quickly choose what they need and include specific local messaging with just a few clicks.

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Branded Storefronts

Prisma takes your web-to-print site to the next level, with custom branding according to your specific guidelines. The sophisticated level of customization we provide allows all of your branch managers, franchisees or other users worldwide to have the same, seamless experience.

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Inventory Management

By using our JIT inventory management system, pick-and-pack items are easily processed and shipped out on the same day in most cases. For unparalleled accuracy, our barcode-based, real-time tracking system updates your inventory whenever something is pulled from the shelf, so you always know how much you have of every piece. Inventory requests are no longer tedious or inaccurate, and you’ll never have to guess about when it’s time to reorder your materials.

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CRM Integration

Nurturing leads and tracking customer touchpoints are a whole lot easier when your web-to-print solution is integrated with your CRM system. If you use Salesforce, Dynamics, Ariba, ACT, Sugar or just about any other platform, you can link it to your dokshop website. When you send a marketing piece to someone in your database, your CRM can be automatically updated and follow-ups can be automatically scheduled.

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Asset Libraries

When you use dokshop as your marketing research center, your branch managers, franchisees, and other authorized users at any location have easy access to your digital assets. Having a central hub for things like Facebook cover images, radio spots, videos, logos, banner ads, and more—all of which can be customized with specific local messaging—makes everything go more smoothly while ensuring the integrity of your brand.

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Custom Solutions

Our team of developers and programmers is always engineering custom ordering, billing, procurement, pricing, reporting, quoting and fulfillment solutions to connect local stores and sales teams with the products and data they need to be more efficient and successful. Bring us a challenge and let us provide the solution.

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You’ll love our holistic approach.

Prisma’s dedication to automating your marketing supply chain has created a lot of happy clients. Whether you’re mid-sized or multi-national, you can apply any of our state-of-the-art solutions to drive your message to market.