GE Capital Chain Restaurant Review metal gear

When long-time client GE Capital said “How can we draw more attention to our annual chain restaurant review,” we said “We can print and diecut metal!” We took the image of a “gear” on the cover of the book and brought it to life. This unique keepsake is a great example of how something seemingly complex can be produced quickly and cost effectively.

To simulate a “metal” look and feel, we used a brushed aluminum veneered substrate. It looks and feels like metal, but is much lighter, keeping postage costs low. To really bring the metal look to life, we employed Color Logic printing, which is a library of special colors used to achieve unique characteristics, like metal. Prepress experts in Color Logic technology test and proof the art files. Then the gears are printed on our large format printer using UV ink, which resists fading faster than typical ink on paper. Finally, the substrate is cut into the precise shaper of gears using state-of-the-art computerized router cut equipment.

Color Logic and the aluminum substrate provided a cost effective, high quality alternative to printing directly onto solid metal. And because our breadth of capabilities allowed the client to consolidate all steps in the process with one vendor partner, we met the delivery deadline.