Gold Canyon Candle Company catalog

For any brand, color accuracy is important. In the case of Gold Canyon Candle Company, each catalog features several new candle products that rely on varying hues to set them apart from one another. Both graphic designers and photographers representing the client engage in a dialogue with our prepress experts, to strategize about color.

To match the paper stock being used, we built plating profiles and made adjustments to color values to over- or under-compensate for the way the ink reacted with the paper. The end result – a catalog with candle imagery that’s spot-on.

G7 Certification

One way a printer demonstrates a commitment to color accuracy is to acquire G7 system certification through an organization called IDEAlliance. Essentially, a significant investment is made to calibrate printers to industry standards for color consistency. Software and hardware are purchased, team members complete training, and certification audits are performed annually. Prisma is proud to be a G7 certified printer.