Phoenix Suns
50th Season Ticket Holder package

Stunning, inside and out.
This year the Phoenix Suns are celebrating a tremendous milestone: 50 seasons on the court. When they came to us looking for a way to “wow” their 2017-2018 season ticket holders, they knew we had all the tools to make an incredible impact.

Perfectly packaged
While boxes are sometimes overlooked, it was imperative the packaging for this project didn’t disappoint. Our Komori H-UV press handled the deep purple color with ease. The final touches included foil stamped emblems, a rich soft-touch feel, and magnetic closures for added sophistication. Whether kept on a coffee table or shelf, the box is sure to be a keepsake.

A piece of home
When it comes to saying “thank you” to loyal fans, the Suns chose a true statement piece: an actual section of their court. Even though the piece itself has a lot of “wow” factor, we knew we could bring it up to another level.

Once we received the court blocks, our Grand Format and Fulfillment teams got to work to transform them into stunning conversation pieces. To create the 50th Anniversary Badge logo seen on the front, our team printed designs onto Dibond, an aluminum composite material. We then precisely cut and assembled the pieces separately to create a more dynamic emblem. We made it possible for the Suns to express their gratitude in-depth by printing words of appreciation onto aluminum before adhering it to the back of the court piece.

In total, we manufactured and kitted 2000 packages for the Phoenix Suns. The finished product included foam inserts where the court piece, season ticket card, and parking pass all fit snug. In order for this project to be a success it required the work of many creative and dedicated Prisma team members, all working in collaboration with the Suns’ creative team.  As always, we look forward to the innovative projects our partnership brings, on and off the court!