Restaurant franchise menu rollout

When our client rolled out a new quarterly menu across all 1,500 of its restaurant franchise locations worldwide, speed to market was critical. Our solution? Our web-to-print site known as dokshop. With dokshop, a representative from each restaurant location logs on to the company’s secured dokshop site and customizes the upcoming quarterly menu with local and regional details – things like pricing, calorie counts, soft drink brands and local menu descriptions. Within a three-week timeframe, about 400 different menu versions are customized and sent to production.

On the receiving end of those orders, Prisma has predefined an extremely efficient workflow through prepress, production, logistics and shipping. File processing automation is at work 18 hours a day for 10 days, reducing the time to process each order from about 30 minutes to just three. That last-minute is reserved for a quality control review by a prepress expert.

The menu feels “local” to the reader, but its intricate template allows for ultra-cost savings among 400 customized orders, with a total quantity of 160,000 menus. Menu shipments arrive at national and international locations within a narrow window of time, so that all locations can debut the quarterly menu simultaneously.