Romulus Restaurant Group & IHOP
School Incentive Program

As the owner and operator of nearly 100 IHOP locations, Romulus Restaurant Group has a lot on their plate – and we’re not just talking pancakes. While our Grand Format team was busy giving their headquarters a makeover, our creative team set out on another project, this time to help lighten the load on their marketing department. What we designed and presented was an Education Incentive program, meant to further solidify the positive impact IHOP restaurants have on their local community.

 Staying true to IHOP’s values, we created a unique way restaurants could say ‘thanks’ to local educators and students alike – a show of appreciation which includes positive reinforcement, discounts, and of course, free pancakes. Our designers and marketing experts worked to create a fun, inviting, and engaging package that we presented to Romulus as an option for franchise owners to order via dokshop, their marketing resource center.

This is a mix and match package option, but the full collateral includes a letter of gratitude to educators, outlining how they can use the incentive program in the classroom, as well as other fun ways to motivate and encourage students:

  • “A’s and B’s Stack Up at IHOP” – a bookmark congratulating the hard work students put in for their classes.
  • Designed to give teachers the opportunity to reward kids for more than marks on a report card, these vibrant handouts reflect acts of kindness, good behavior, and good attendance. 
  • A “free pancake” coupon that is of course, in the shape of a pancake. 
  • Last but not least, we couldn’t forget the educators and teachers, who work so tirelessly to provide our community’s youth with the skills they need to succeed. Included in the folder is an Educator Appreciation coupon, which grants them a 20% off discount at their local IHOP.