Simon Med
40′ Motorhome Wrap

Technologically driven, beautifully wrapped.
This summer Simon Med approached us with a pretty exciting undertaking – designing, printing, and installing an entirely new vehicle wrap for their 40′ motor-home, a staple in their fleet of vehicles. Not just any motor-home, this mobile platform is responsible for bringing Simon Med’s cutting edge technology to the medical field, showcasing the life-saving capabilities to clinics across the state.

With some feedback from the company and Dr. Simon, our creative team was tasked with conceptualizing and presenting brand new ideas for the motor-home. Once a concept was chosen, we moved forward with a modern design that captured Simon Med’s branding, and clearly communicated their technology-driven message. Our Grand Format team took over from there, removing the existing pink wrap before cleaning and priming the surfaces, which was a process that took just over a week to finish. The team then spent another week applying the new vinyl, completing the transformation, and in turn the largest vehicle wrap we’ve applied, to date.

From conceptualization to installation, this collaborative turnkey solution is all thanks to the many departments here at Prisma, supplying their creativity and expertise to help Simon Med drive their mission of bettering lives.