TMC Mega Raffle data analytics

In the spring of 2013 we launched the first-ever large-scale raffle in southern Arizona, benefitting the Tucson Medical Center. Our unique and vast set of interconnected capabilities meant we could develop the brand, and orchestrate and execute a fully integrated campaign in a shortened timeframe. See the full case study here.

We performed a post-campaign analysis using data analytics to understand who ticket purchasers were – what were their demographic, psychographic and lifestyle characteristics and behavior as a group, and who was most likely to purchase in the future. Additionally, we segmented and analyzed subgroups of buyers based on spend (single ticket purchase versus multiple ticket) and geography.

Using data analytics allows us to:

  • Strategically assess the current media plan, including TV, radio, billboard, newspaper and web, to make better decisions based on purchasers’ profiles. Using psychographic data shows which TV programs raffle ticket purchasers watch, and the times of day they tune in, for example. Using geographic data shows us zip code areas to prioritize media, and which to eliminate.
  • Focus in on the exact characteristics of the most lucrative buyer when purchasing a mailing list, within the zip codes with the highest potential.
  • Segment the direct mail campaign based on potential – campaign messaging, format and frequency can be tailored differently to those likely to purchase one ticket versus multiple tickets.

The TMC Mega Raffle is a great example of how to use data to drive smart marketing decisions. If you have a customer database, we may be able to use data analytics to:

  • Acquire new, high value customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers

If you’re interested in how data analytics could be used for your organization, give us a call at 602-243-5777; ask for Sandy Mattson.