TMC Mega Raffle integrated campaign

Launching the Spring of 2013, the TMC Mega Raffle was the first ever large-scale raffle in the southern Arizona market. This high-value raffle featured 2,800 prizes, including two grand prize homes, cars, vacations and more.

A raffle of this magnitude had never been done in the southern Arizona market, and the Tucson Medical Center, beneficiary of the raffle, needed a partner to launch the mega raffle quickly to reach winter visitors before they depart in late spring.

Prisma’s challenge: introduce the concept of a mega raffle to a new market and sell an aggressive number of raffle tickets. Our strategy: create a new brand and launch a multi-channel campaign – in half the time.

The strategy & marketing team fast tracked development of the brand, a website optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile, dozens of marketing materials, an advertising campaign, direct mail and email campaigns and a public relations strategy.

With all services and expertise in-house at Prisma, we had direct communication between the strategy, marketing and production teams, which meant efficient time management to achieve goals. The TMC Mega Raffle was an incredible success – awareness in the market was much higher than expected, and ticket sales goals were met.

Post Campaign

Learn how we used data analytics to understand our purchasers, reduce future direct mail and media budgets, but project higher performance.

The Success Continues

Having just completed its third raffle through its partnership with Prisma, the TMC Mega Raffle surpassed its goal of $4 million in ticket sales in just 10 weeks.