American Airlines
Dividend Miles Program

When US Airways merged with American Airlines, it became the largest airline in the entire world. Merging two corporations comes with some challenges, among them reassuring your most loyal customers that they can still depend on you. We helped US Airways do just that by refreshing the Dividend Miles program used by members around the globe.

US Airways came to us with a considerable request. They needed new materials for their loyalty program, which encompasses multiple levels of participation from Silver to Chairman. For each member of the program, US Airways wanted a personalized kit that included matching membership cards and luggage tags, personalized information on travel history, and opportunities for each member to move up in status.

We worked with US Airways to determine the appropriate sizes for the loyalty cards, luggage tags, card carriers and envelopes. Important considerations included getting the final package to the end user in a timely fashion that took into account each membership’s expiration date and minimizing postage costs while meeting USPS regulations. Embarrassing issues with data mismatches were avoided with our Intelligent Inserter, which paired each member’s personalized card to the variable card carrier using optical scanning technology.

The end result: a new look and feel for each member, plus a personalized experience. Ultimately, the campaign generated a significant response for US Airways. We created efficiency for them by consolidating services under one roof. The final product increased revenue, added to awareness of the US Airways brand and created knowledge of the new brand following the merger. All this while reassuring high-value customers that US Airways had their best interests in mind.